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“Regener-Eyes has become essential in the management of my dry eye disease patients. Its unique components and effectiveness allow it to work when no other option is achieving the desired results. I’ve seen dramatic improvement in corneal and conjunctive dry eye cases… The improvement in my patient’s symptoms and signs has been impressive.”

-Paul M. Karpecki, OD, FAAO

“Regener-Eyes has been a great addition to my regimen for treating moderate/severe dry eyes. I use it instead of serum tears, which I have all but abandoned, as it is more effective (and more convenient for the patient). I start patients on the Professional Strength; if I am able, I move them down to Lite. Patients love it.”

-Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS

“The extraordinary efficacy of Regener-Eyes® has provided a vital tool in the management of dry eye disease. Patients see and feel the difference within a matter of a few days and it is very rewarding as an eye care professional to change the quality of life in patients who have often suffered for years.”

-Eric Donnenfeld, MD, FACS

“Regener-Eyes is a fantastic addition to our treatment offerings for patients along the entire severity continuum. Regener-Eyes® consistently performs very well, helping re-establish a healthy ocular surface and provides my patients reliable subjective improvement.”

-Ahmad M. Fahmy, OD, FAAO, DIPL., ABO

“Regener-Eyes® has been a game-changer for our practice. Even difficult to manage cases respond well. It has been especially helpful with contact lens patients who are being treated for dry eye disease. Dosing while wearing contacts has decreased any need for artificial tears.”

-Walter Choate, OD, FAAO

“My patients love non-preserved Regener-Eyes® as it does not burn and helps dry eyes.”

-Sandra Cremers, MD

“It is a must have product that we keep stocked in the office. Patients feel the difference when using it. And, it has saved our patients money from using prescription drops that were not covered by their insurance plans or needing to have Serum or Plasma tears custom made for them.”

-Pam Theriot, OD

“Regener-Eyes® has opened a remarkable new dimension in Dry Eye management. It offers a simple solution to so many of the treatment challenges that we faced in the past without the complex issues associated with access to therapy and increased cost. It has become my preferred choice for moderate to severe dry eye therapy.

-Jim Thimmons, OD, FAAO

“This is a novel new product to treat Dry Eye patients. I am glad to have added Regener-Eyes to my treatment protocol.”

-Bennett Romanoff, MD


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