Jean-Louis, Tayot, PhD

Chief Science Officer 

Chief Science Officer Consultant, Member of Science Advisory Board. Dr. Tayot is responsible for the collagen manufacturing process and technologies. Dr. Tayot is CEO of Khorionyx, a French Human Biomaterial Company. He retired December 2005 as the Chief Scientific Officer of Floreane Medical Implants, a leading French medical device company, and General Manager of its subsidiary Imedex Biomatériaux. Dr. Tayot has 20 years of R&D experience dedicated to collagen and to the extraction and commercialization of valuable biomaterials from human placentas. Through Imedex, he spent $20 million and 15 years developing and refining the collagen manufacturing process technology that is now exclusively available to Albiorex. Dr. Tayot holds numerous medical device patents related to the production, manipulation and use of collagen in numerous medical applications and has successfully launched products in the U.S. and other regulatory environments. He also led Aventis-Pasteur’s R&D and enzyme production operations where he eventually sourced and processed 20 tons of human placentas per day.