Regener-Eyes® started from humble beginnings.

When I was a young boy, living in a small town in America, I wanted to help my mother since she lived in a constant state of pain. I accompanied her to multiple doctor appointments, including rheumatologists and autoimmune specialists, who could not even make a diagnosis, let alone give any significant treatment or help.

In 1980, the term Mixed Connective Tissue Disease was introduced. However, the ‘eureka’ moment came to me when I recognized that stress and chronic inflammation was responsible for not only my mother’s condition but many people with chronic diseases that affect every part of the body.

It was then that I began my career as a research scientist with Emory University, studying immunology. After medical school, I was recruited by Dr. Michael E DeBakey, father of cardiovascular surgery at the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world. Dr. DeBakey fostered my interest in how the body, with help, could regenerate itself.

The term Regenerative Medicine was not yet recognized however this was the exact area I was focused on and working in. One of the first fields that fascinated me was ocular. I was shocked to learn that 340 million people suffer from dry eyes. Similar to my experiences with my mother, the diagnosis can be difficult to make, and the cause is not completely agreed upon. There is no cure and treatments can be less than optimal.

When I began my research, I learned that the most common cause of dry eyes is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The term Meibomian Gland Degeneration describes how the degeneration of this gland decreases the lipid layer of the tear film and causes evaporation loss and dry eyes. The word degeneration causes one to realize that whatever degenerates can regenerate. Proudly, we created the term Meibomian Gland Regeneration (MGR). 

 In good health,

C. Randall Harrell, M.D.

Inventor of Regener-Eyes® and Regenerative Medicine Pioneer

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