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“As a “dry eye sufferer” for years, I have tried it ALL! Different eye drops, homeopathic treatments – you name it. It reached a point where wearing eye makeup was becoming very difficult as my eyes would tear making eyeliner virtually impossible.

My eye doctor mentioned your company and your professional strength eye drops, so I thought “why not?” My doctor had me start with 4 drops a day and then down to 2 drops a day, and literally after 2 days of use, my eyes stopped tearing and eye liner is now a “thing” for me! They have also provided comfort which is a first. From a price perspective, l’m still paying less per month than the prescription eye drops and these ACTUALLY WORK.

I have also found your staff very helpful, knowledgeable, and my orders are delivered within days of my call. As an easier method, I have opted for auto refills based on my usage so this couldn’t be more convenient.”

-Lorraine C.

“Regener-Eyes drops have been completely life-changing for me. I had such severe dry eye issues that I was not able to use any screens (computer or phone), nor could I read printed books, and I couldn’t go outside because of breezes causing discomfort. It was an incredibly isolating time.

I was using serum tears multiple times a day, but they weren’t making enough of a difference, so I made the switch to Regener-Eyes on the advice of my optometrist. My eyes started feeling significantly better within 2-3 weeks, and they’ve continued to improve over the last several months. I can use computers again, read, and go for walks. I’m at the point where I’m able to switch to Lite with the Professional Strength just as a backup. Thanks to Regener-Eyes I have my life back and I’m so grateful!”

-Janine C.

“This product feels SO GOOD when it goes into my eyes twice a day. Very soothing! My eye Doctor is SO PLEASED with the improvement in both my eyes. I love it!”

-Karen B.

“I was amazed at how much better my eyes felt. They weren’t scratchy, they weren’t itchy. They felt really good, better than they had before. It really has helped me a lot and it is such a game changer for me. I was really excited that I found this product!”

-Laurie C.

“These drops have been a life/sanity saver for me. I have been suffering with dry eye since May 2020 and I’ve tried so many things.”

-Sherri S.

“I have just completed my first 3 months of Regener-Eyes and it is the most successful antidote to my dry eyes that I have ever tried. I have been treating dry eye for at least 5 years and used many brands recommended by my eye doctors during that time frame with minimal relief. I administered the drops at least 5 times per day. Finally, my optometrist, who also has very serious dry eyes, recommended Regener-Eyes.

Not only does it relieve the basic pain I feel from dryness, Regener-Eyes makes it possible for me to use my prescribed drops without the usual pain I used to feel when administering those drops. And I use Regener-Eyes morning and bedtime, that is twice a day when I am in a normal climate. When I am in the desert 1 add a drop midday of a brand recommended by my doctor.

Thanks Regener-Eyes for relief from eye pain.”

-Professional Strength Patient

“I’m so glad that Regener-Eyes was there for me when I had a very challenging eye condition that no one seemed to figure out. This was the fix that I needed! I’m grateful for Regener-Eyes!”

-Lisa G.


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