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C. Randall Harrell, M.D.

Regener-Eyes Chairman, CEO, & CMO 

You will need a highlighter to read this comprehensive look at Regener-Eyes®. The white paper was written by Marguerite McDonald, M.D., clinical professor of ophthalmology at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York and Cornea, Laser and Refractive Surgeon at OCLI Vision and C. Randall Harrell, M.D., CEO and Founder of Regener-Eyes®. The white paper first appeared in the ASCRS 2021 edition of Eye World Magazine.

“Dr. Harrell recently developed Regener-Eyes®, an ophthalmic solution that contains a large number of immunoregulatory factors that can penetrate the ocular surface and attenuate the eye’s detrimental immune response, which promotes repair and regeneration of injured tissue,” stated Marguerite McDonald, M.D.

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Marguerite McDonald, M.D.

Clinical professor of ophthalmology at NYU Langone Medical Center and Corneal, Cataract & Refractive (LASIK) Surgeon at OCLI